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Panorama of Liverpool and River Mersey.


An evolving collection of photos documenting the people of Merseyside,
the landscape of Merseyside, and what happens when they meet.

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People chatting in the sun on Liverpool waterfront
People just like to chat - preferably whilst sitting in the sun and letting the rest of the world get on with it's own thing..
Liverpool waterfront.
Lady cafe owner
A rather strange conflict of shapes, angles and forms down on Mann Island as the old meets the new. Unfortunately..

It's about being yourself - doing your own thing, standing your own ground and expressing who you are. Lovely.
Padlocks attached to railings.
Lady on a commuter train
I often wonder about the bubbles of separateness in which we live our lives.
The outward appearance of committment evolves over time - maybe our hearts and desires remain the same,
Sailing ship made from driftwood on beach opposite Liverpool
The beach folk of Wallasey have thrir own ideas about how things should contine to be.

Column of coloured stones
Woman rests with shopping bags
Shopping's not always the fulfilling fun experience
it's cracked up to be.
You can't say that the Italians don't bring colour to the city - I hope it stays that way......

Lady looking at sculptures in a gallery.
The Walker Gallery is rich in art and in transcending moments
that enrich a life.
Techno fairground ride in front of Liver Building.
The Three Graces with masts and rigging.
You could call this Two Faces of the Liver Building: certainly, the waterfront contains, from time to time, very different faces of life. I was a bit shocked when happening upon a techno fair in such a location - it was so much in contrast with the more traditional aspect of Times Long Gone that are familiar.
This is just a beginning: Merseyside Life is a broad brief - I'm starting with pictures because I'm a photographer. Initially, the plan is to gradually add pictures to this collection and I welcome responses from people who find something of interest or wouid like to suggest other areas of content. I have already published a hundred images of Merseyside life in a physical book: more of these pictures can be seen on the website that I've built for it - this link will take you to A Touch of Scouse


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